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On this page, you can download schedules for FDOT Grant Funded Training.


If you or your agency is offering training and would like to publicize it on this website, please reach out to your District liaision.  

2017 Current schedule:

IPTM-Institute of Police Technology and Management

DWI SFST Refresher
Adobe Acrobat document [144.5 KB]
IPTM Traffic and DUI Courses through March 2018
IPTM Traffic and DUI Enforcemet 2017.pdf
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IPTM DRE Training Promotion Presentation
DRE Promo 2017.pptx
Microsoft Power Point presentation [1.7 MB]
Free to FL Officers-DRE Training
Tuition FREE
Training for Florida Drug Recognition Experts and those interested in becoming one.
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DRE Program Brochure
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Tuition FREE Training for Florida Drug Recognition Experts
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DRE Training Schedule
How does a law enforcement officer obtain and submit an application?

Applications for the DRE Program may be downloaded from the IPTM website.
1) Visit on the web.
2) From the “Special Programs” tab, choose DRE from the drop down menu.
3) Scroll down and click the link that states "Click here to download an application form."
Note: The application is in a PDF format. If your computer cannot support viewing pages of this
type, you will need to install Acrobat Reader on your computer.
4) Print the application (or email application and supporting documentation to

After completing the application, return it and all supporting documentation to:
Darrell Edmonds
Florida State DECP Coordinator
Institute of Police Technology and Management
University of
2017 DRE Schedule Flyer.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.1 MB]
DRE Instructor Training
Adobe Acrobat document [88.9 KB]

IPTM-Law Enforcement Training Courses 2017

Investigation of Motorcycle Crashes

How to detect Marijuana Impaired Drivers
Contact IPTM for your training opportunities.
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TCC-Florida Public Safety Institute

Course Schedule

FPSI Grant Funded Classes Statewide
These are tuition free classes for Florida Officers
2017 FPSI Grant Funded Class Scheduled.p[...]
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Traffic Safety Resouce Prosecutor (TSRP)

DUI Basic Trial PreparationCourse Schedule

Basic DUI Trial Prep-Flyer
This course is designed as a course for any law enforcement officers who conduct traffic enforcement and/or DUI enforcement. It is designed not only for members of DUI Enforcement Units but also for any law enforcement officer who might ever conduct a traffic stop which turns into a DUI Investigation by members of a DUI Enforcement Unit. It will provide students with a thorough understanding of all aspects of a DUI Investigation, from the point of initial contact up to trial. It will provide officers with knowledge specific to the following areas: (1) Witness Credibility, including the importance of training and experience combined with courtroom behavior and appearance; (2) DUI Charging, including a discussion of the specific statutory requirements for various levels of DUI offenses; (
Basic DUI Trial Prep - Flyer (Daytona, 1[...]
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Registration Form
Basic DUI Trial Prep - Reg Form (Daytona[...]
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